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Amy Slaton confuses 1000-lb Sisters fans as she 'squashes' divorce rumors


Amy Slaton has confused fans as she took to her TikTok to share a picture of her and her husband Michael Halterman as online reports suggested they had filed for divorce, and now fans wonder if they are separated or not.

The TLC show lets fans in on the lives of Tammy and Amy Slaton as they share their weight loss journey with fans, as well as their personal lives. We’ve seen Tammy Slaton‘s relationship with Caleb and Amy and Michael’s journey as they raise their two sons.

We take a look at the TikTok Amy posted with Michael, and why 1000-lb Sisters fans are confused.

Amy posts TikTok with Michael

In a TikTok posted to Amy Slatons’s page on March 28, the star shared a photo of herself, Michael, and their children captioned: “My little family.”

Alongside the photo, the song ‘ily (i love you baby)’ by Surf Mesa played in the background.

The photo was taken at her sister Tammy’s wedding, which took place on November 19, 2022. The wedding was played out on the TLC show, however, some fans don’t recall seeing him there.

“Hope you are well, didn’t even know Micheal was with you at the wedding,” wrote one fan.

Although some were quick to respond that they did see Michael there. “He was sitting next to Amanda, they showed him one time,” commented another.

Online reports suggest that Amy and Michael are splitting up months after welcoming their second child. Michael allegedly filed for divorce from Amy on March 13, court documents show, as reported by The Hollywood Gossip.

Fans are confused about the relationship between the two

Of course, fans are now confused about the relationship between Amy and Michael after the TikTok post, after divorce rumors came to light.

One wrote: “If they were filing for divorce, the last thing they would do is uploaded a video titled ‘my little family’ so now I’m confused.”

However, others pointed out that they’ll always be a family: “I mean regardless, they’ll always be a family. Whether they separate or not and I HIGHLY respect Amy for keeping it like that for the boys.”

“Why is it anyone’s business if they’re divorced or not? She hasn’t spoken about it so it’s clearly its her business,” penned another.

At the time of writing, neither Amy Slaton nor Michael Halterman have commented on the alleged divorce.

1000-lb Sister fans praise ‘single’ Amy on Instagram

Lately, the TLC star has been posting a number of single pictures of herself on her Instagram, with fans praising her weight loss.

Amy Slaton’s Gucci bag has recently been gaining a lot of attention from her followers as they name her ‘a Gucci queen.’

“Wow, you look like you are dropping the pounds again. You look fresh and happy,” wrote another.

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