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Mendilibar on his future bets: “I spent four years in Valladolid and Osasuna, six times at Eibar…”


Jose Luis Mendilibar has been coach of Nervión for almost a week. At Sevilla, the leader met Madrid a week ago. And since then everything was crazy. Without rest. At least he didn’t have to contend with it this past weekend, where he took the opportunity to see the supporters in the city playing sports. Everything was done very quickly. This week he will recover the international, directly to the game on Saturday in Cadiz, looking for his debut. His first message? “From calmness of mind, from green, from trying to do well in training, without rushing. Trying to do things as simple as possible, not complicating things. Making mistakes as short as possible, playing easily. I think he is” the players, he began in his interview in Gol a Gol , in Canal Sur.

And that is what Mendilibar knows the magnitude of the challenge due to the impact that Sevilla has. “People think about winning the European League. This is because it has a great team. I am convinced that in Europe, Sevilla is more respected than in LaLiga. In Manchester they will feel that they are like favorites, but with respect to Sevilla. They are not dedicated time. Nothing”, he watched the speech of the passage of the Achaeans of Europe. Each step will be examined and a decision will be made in June whether to continue. You have been signed up for less than three months.

“We’ve only come to these months. I know if things could stay good, but I don’t want a mortgage. Put in the contract that if I keep the category I stay… I can keep it and not have any.” Years ago I signed for one plus one, but at Eibar I have already started to sign from year to year. If things go well, it is usual for us to stay. They chase you from a few places, but I’ve spent four years in Osasuna, four years in Valladolid, six in Eibar. It’s hard for me to leave places where I’m good,” he said.

Reception Form

“You see the players on TV, they make gestures, and you think they know. Then you see them in the present day, and these are the ones who accept the correction, who accept what you tell; in that sense, I found that the players are eager to go up and see something new: they are eager for change, not change the coach, but also some needs, which we propose quite well, and I would like when the National Teams come back, they will see these people train and see a small change, because of the team’s mental condition, they are low. Soft games or things go around and everything goes well… but if they make a mistake ; You have to have a personality. It is important that the leaders, most of them veterans, show their faces and the others follow”.

His debut in Cadiz

“We don’t think it’s lacking, in the first place. It’s possible. We signed a longer term, not a game. It’s very useful for us to win, especially because of the player’s confidence. First, let’s see how the people who come out with the teams, how we prepare for the week. It’s good about ten days in advance those who come, because it is usual to play in two days, have time to know each other”.

Marcao continues to KO and a few are central

“Marcao will not be in Gadis. He will not arrive. First there were sales, then people, others in the last minute, injuries … they played with the middle of the midfield. In this sense they did not have luck and I noticed them. The problem is not so much the defense, if it is good you do not defend what you do not defend well from above. Everything is together.”

Play with two strikers

“I don’t know if the system or system of the players allows you to be more serious or not. This is what you have to give to the player. Our game should be a little more outside, try to get crosses; at certain times we can play with two forwards. In this team there are only two special ones, a third in the room it is not, and you must also be counted in it. We are not closed to anything.”

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