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MultiVersus players frustrated by lack of refunds after announcing beta closure


MultiVersus players on PC, Steam Deck, PS4, PS5 and Xbox are outraged by the lack of refunds after announcing the closure of the beta, the fighting game is away until its release in 2024.

Its developers Ludio Player Primum Ludi have confirmed to users who spent money on the game during the open beta that they will not get it back, so without half measures.

The message can be seen and verified through the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section on the official MultiVersus website, along with many others.

Under the question: “Has previously purchased content been refunded?” read no short answer, but a long answer like this:

“This announcement does not change the refund policy or the conditions offered by the shops where the Founder’s Packs were purchased or Gleamium.

For more information, visit the support pages for PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Epic games. In addition, no refunds will be made from the closure of the Open Beta.

But all progress and content previously acquired or acquired will be completed when MultiVersus returns in early 2024” – relief, then.

MultiVersus does not yet have official details, but it is agreed that it will be in the first months of 2024; Or this would be if everything was according to plan.

Whether playing on Xbox One or via PC, no one gets refunds

Some Multiverse players were quick to complain or criticize him, as you can see in the tweet just above. But according to the official subreddit, many were more direct: “I want my money.”

This announcement was not well-received in general, as closing a successful game after a good beta for a year could spell disaster. Although the decision has been made and its functions will be turned online on June 25.

Tony Huynh as Co-Founder and Game Player of Prime Games said, “Our Open Beta was a great opportunity to learn and get ready for the next season of MultiVerse.”

However, this won’t stop MultiVersus players from being plagued by a lack of refunds after they announced the closure of the beta.

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