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How to apply for job vacancies in Canada from Ecuador?


There are several options; but one of the closest available is the Position of Foreign Language Communication Analysis. The Canadian economy has opportunities for foreigners.

The Government of Canada has opened a new job vacancy for people who speak Spanish, for a Communication Analyst in Foreign Languages.

This position is open until August 31, 2023 and offers an attractive salary of US$84,050 to US$102,250 per year, depending on experience. Applicants will be able to work in different cities in Canada. This position is part of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and there are opportunities at Air Canada, the national airline of that country.

For this vacancy, and many other dedicated Spanish-speaking applicants, the basic requirements are the following:

1.- 2 years of experience in research and analysis and report writing.
2.- Research and analysis is defined as experience in researching information through various databases and experience in examining information and making recommendations.
3. Experience working in a team environment.
4. Experience in the use of computer applications, communication tools and applications/social networks.
5.- Skills to use the computer system.
6.- Special knowledge in languages: English or French to make various translations. Knowledge of Arabic, Somali, Farsi, Mandarin, Kurdish, Sorani, Russian, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and Bengali will be a plus.

How to sign up?

Go to the recruitingsite.com website
Accept the terms and conditions and click on the “Continue” button.
Fill in the requested information

Temporary work in Canada

People who are looking to migrate legally can do so through the job offer, all Ecuadorian citizens can apply.

To search and apply the offer, follow these steps;

1. – Enter the Job Bank website, the portal of this job operated by the government of Canada.

II.-. Search and apply for job vacancies that suit your profile and skills

3.- Get in touch with the employer, The Job Banker website provides you with information about the job offerer.

4.- If the employer wants to hire you, he will send you a job offer (in English).

5.- The Job Bank contains exclusive vacancies from employers with offers for foreigners, you can apply if you are Ecuadorian or Latin American.

Temporary vacations for Ecuadorians are: Bricklayers; carpenters; cook or cook; hotel receptionist; the salesman of the old officers; Computational; language analyst; greenhouse worker; drywall installer (gypsum); the diet of the officer; insurance sales agent; steward of the work; Restaurant manager; Administrative Assistant; to the drivers; Truckers; estate managers; painter: farmers (JS)

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